Which mobile phone has front camera with deep depth of field?

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Which mobile phone has front camera with deep depth of field?

Hi Everyone,

I have been searching high an low on this subject, but I can hardly find any answers.

I currently have a Galaxy S8 (it is a bit outdated) and when I take selfies it blurs (bokeh)  the background ruining the beautiful scenery at the back of me. I tried to use the rear camera with  5 second timer, but it is difficult to position the phone to frame myself and the background.

I believe this happens because the front camera has a fixed F/1.8) stop and there is no camera pro mode for selfie mode to adjust the aperture.

Therefore I have been looking for a mobile phone upgrade that would provide me camera pro mode for front and rear cameras with the ability to modify the aperture from low (IE F1.8) F stops to higher F stops (possibly F/8) to obtain a deep depth of field so that the background is also in sharp focus.

I have been searching through Samsung, Huawei and others without finding the answer.

The only thing that  I found was Live Focus, but the videos that  I watched on YouTube were not very detailed.

Does such a beast exist?

Thanks and regards


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