None battery grip for an A7R III

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None battery grip for an A7R III


I asked about it before and wanted a small plate, but after some suggestions here was convinced to go with a larger "grip" instead of just a regular Arca style plate.

I went with the SmallRig L bracket and wondering about other options for a grip with Arca type plate (not a battery grip).

The SmallRig is the L bracket and here are the problems with it:

I removed the L part since I don't want it. The bottom is digging into my left hand. This is not much better if I add the small plate that holds the L part (without the L plate itself), and this also has the tab for the L plate, sticking out to the left. Without this small plate, it's worse, because the part is thin too so digs even more. The edge of Arca plate area is also a little sharp. Overall it's a little big and heavy. I would prefer a slightly smaller extra grip for the right hand (it's sticking out more than the grip of the camera itself).

I could try to cut/grind/polish the the bottom and corner of the SmallRig, but with the extra small plate it will have extra weight and I will need to grind this plate too. Without it, there's still a very thin area that even when rounded would dig into my hand. I might cut away all this area and see if that works, though this will remove the "safety" feature of not being able slide off the clamp (probably not a big deal since regular plates don't have it anyway).

If there's a slightly smaller, non-L, non-battery grip, that might be best. Even if I have to modify it a little. I can modify the grip (right hand part) but only making it larger really (I've done that with Sugru for my previous camera) so a little small there is better than a little big. Another L bracket with removable L part could be good too, but I guess I'll just have to try it. I don't mind trying one or two other plates (if there are any) ,if they are not much more expensive than the SmallRig. I don't want to buy a $150 plate just to find out it is unusable...

I really like that the camera is very small and light, which is the reason I didn't want a large plate to begin with, but the bottom right of it hurts my hand a little because it's so "short".

The RRS is out regardless because it needs to have the battery door moved to the plate. The Kirk doesn't have an extra grip, just a plate in the center with an L plate. I'm not familiar with others.


Sony a7R III
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