Possibly moving to full-frame mirrorless from m4/3’s

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Re: Possibly moving to full-frame mirrorless from m4/3’s

I shoot both Olympus and Nikon (and Pansonic for video).  I like the m43 format for size, weight, and cost.  FF can be better, but it costs and weighs more (usually).

I have the Z7, but rarely use it.  Only when I'm looking for high mp images.  On the other hand, I would grab it over the E-M1x for most uses.  I had an E-M1x, did not like it and sent it back.  Too big, didn't like the ergonomics.

Even for wildlife, I usually use a pair of E-M1.2's and the Pansonic 100-400 and Olympus 300 f/4 (with 1.4 and 2.0 TCs).  But for really fast moving birds, I'll use a Nikon D500 and either the 200-500 f5.6 or the 300mm f2.8 (I can add 1.4, 1.7 or 2.0 TC).  Last time out, I took both lenses and the D500 and Z7; never did get around to using the Z7.

Nikon has a lot of work to do to fill out the Z lens lineup.  And they do not have any plans for a 70-200 f4 (which I really have a problem with).  I have the FX 70-200 f2.8, and it is big and heavy (and expensive) and it does work with the FTZ adapter.  So that's the problem.  I was optimistic that they would put out a line of f/4 lenses that make for a lighter and more affordable kit.  They aren't.

You have several recent purchases (including the Olympus 100-400, E-M1.3, and E-M1x).  A lot of money there.  And at this time, your Nikon telephoto options are FZ lenses which require an FTZ adapter.  It works, but if you plan to swap lenses frequently you will want to get several of them (and they aren't cheap).

And the E-M1x firmware update for birds is coming soon.  I would play with that for a while, first.  Too bad they aren't planning on updating the E-M1.3.  That alone is why I will likely be looking at the Z6 II.

It's a complicated decision.  I certainly wouldn't sell off my Oly gear until I was satisfied with any other system.

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