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Re: WTB - Olympus AC-3 Power Adapter

Hi, found your posting regarding the AC-3 and decided to try your suggestion.  I have a couple of EM-1s (mk1) and a couple of EM1Xs, and one of the MOST desirable features I find about the Xs is I can plug them into a USB charge port and the batteries (both) will slow charge up to full. I have not removed the batteries from my Xs since I first charged them for their initial installation, all subsequent charges have been via USB port.

I hate having to remove the batteries from the EM1s and the HLD-7s when they need a charge. Being an owner of a E-1, E-3, and a E-5, somewhere along the line I picked up a AC-1.  After removing the batteries from one of my EM-1/HLD-7 units, I plugged in the AC-1 to the EM-1/HLD-7 units. I turned on the camera and it powered up just fine, it also performed auto focus well and seemed to operate just as though a pair of well charged BLN-1 batteries were installed.

I have NOT tried powering the EM-1/HLD-7 with the AC-1 with the BLN-1 batteries still in the camera and power grip.  I will try it next...HOWEVER, what I am REALLY interested in determining is, will the AC-1 when powering the EM-1/HLD-7 with batteries inside, provide some CHARGING activity to the BLN-1 batteries in the camera & grip.

If the AC-1 does provide some charging power, I can now just plug in the AC-1, and not have to remove the batteries...

If anyone is looking for the AC-1, KEH camera has them at a very reasonable price...you will find it under CAMERA/ACCESSORIES (OLYMPUS).

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