Possibly moving to full-frame mirrorless from m4/3’s

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Re: Possibly moving to full-frame mirrorless from m4/3’s

As another said IQ is subjective. Your Oly IQ may be very similar to the Nikon Z7/II because the pixel pitch is close on both cameras.

If your reason to switch is to be able to crop FF the the Z6 is NOT your camera. You are used to what, 20MP? image quality. Cropping a Z6 image to DX results in about 8MP - still define for a display, but not for prints larger than about 8”x10”.

The real difference between FF and M43 or DX lenses is reach, uncropped. If you are happy with your reach right now you should not switch. While a 400mm FF lens is the same size as a 40mm M43 lens, your crop factor means you only need a - what, 250mm? - to get the same reach. Tha means that for the same uncropped image your M43 kit is smaller and lighter than FF. You already switched away from FF once to lighten your load. Switching back to mirrorless will NOT be lighter than your old FF DSLR kit. It might actually be heavier because the Z lens system is maximized for image quality, not size and weight. Several of the Z lenses are larger and heavier than their F-mount predecessors.

I switched up from Nikon DX to FF with my Z7 and I am really, really happy. But I care more for image quality than weight and I’m willing to lug around what it takes to maximize IQ.

You haven’t convinced me to convince you to switch away from M43.

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