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BlueCosmo5050 wrote:

Groot wrote:

vessk0 wrote:

The problem is that the Apple ones are heavily compressed with lots of noise reduction and basically they are NOT RAWs...

Yes, NR is the enemy.
We want the dynamic range and the light, I don't see the reason for applying any NR on RAW.. what's the point then?
If they must, it should be minimal.
Is it really noticeable on the ProRAW?

Well, from what Im experiencing I'm not getting any noise reduction or sharpness, at least with the app I'm using. Which is nice because the .jpegs were too sharp when using deep fusion. If I edit in the photos app it will still be there.... I think, doing more test today.

It still uses the deep fusion, night mode, HDR, etc in raw. Which is nice.

To the other people, I am aware of what Android has and I'm aware of iPhones I've had before that I'd shoot RAW with a different app like pro cam. The difference now is we can use deep fusion, night mode, and still have the processing that apple is good at, much like the JPEG but it's not baked in.

But thats the issue, Apple's jpeg processing is not great as shown in quite a few threads recently and GSMArenas review, So I'd rather see what one can get from ProRAW in a 3rd party application, cos Apples RAW have always been really good.

Giving us ProRaw.

I mean I shot a shot in almost pure darkness last night in night mode, it had ZERO noise, and still had a ton of dynamic range. I can't do that with a DSLR.

keen to see it.

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