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Gman58 wrote:

Thanks for commenting Lan. Yes, I have two. Wanted three or four but couldn't due to spouse's medical condition. I have hope for their futures. Nuclear annihilation is what my generation feared most. Still somewhat of a concern, but I think my greatest fear for my children is along the lines of '1984' or 'Brave New World'.


Congratulations on having two

Yes, I can understand your concern about the future portrayed in both of those books.

Here in the UK we already live in a surveillance state; in my 16 mile pre-Covid commute to work I used to pass so many cameras that I genuinely wouldn't want to try and count them all. Definitely well into double digits; in some places I'd be into double digits inside a single mile; and those are just the obviously visible cameras.

Probably the single thing that's protected us as a population to date has been that the sheer volume of data being collected means that it's almost impossible to do anything meaningful with it. AI could easily change that, by filtering that information on a massive scale.

Covid aside though, I think we currently live in the golden age of civilisation!

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