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Re: Professional Sensor/Mirror Cleaning...

Late to the party. Sorry. If those dust bunnies cannot be removed after repeated cleanings and they appear in the same place on every shot, your camera may be suffering from the same problem my a65 does, mildew beneath the image sensor. I sent mine to Perfect Image Camera out of Lancaster PA and after spending $59.95 + shipping, they delivered the bad news to me: not economically feasible to repair. They seem to be a pretty good company and gave me a fair and honest assessment, but

Mildewy a65 at f/4. No spot problems yet. Vignetting from lens hood. Lens is Sony's SAL18-250 at 26mm. All images compressed to 0.25MP for easier file transfer.

Same shot, f/5.6. Probably couldn't see any spots yet even at full res.

f/11. Here, Spot!  Trust me, they look worse at full resolution, and is why my a65 is resigned to being bubble wrapped in a box.

f/22. The image overall is still decently sharp for such an optically challenged lens at minimum aperture, unfortunately, so are those spots. I wouldn't stop even my best lenses down this far unless I wanted to intentionally slow the shutter speed down. I've got variable neutral density filters for that.  It was such a bummer that I had to console myself by getting an a77 II. Unless you're really handy at disassembling an image sensor (not for the faint of heart nor shaky of hand), or you want to spend more than your camera's replacement value to have those spots removed, do what I did and treat yourself to another camera. For the most part I loved my a65, but my a77 II, preowned though it may be, is amazing.

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