Would this photo benefit from PL DeepPrime? Topaz suite?

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Re: Would this photo benefit from PL DeepPrime? Topaz suite?

Van Griff wrote:

jaggedhorizon wrote:

This is one of my favourite street photos. It's shot on a 1-inch sensor and processed in LR (I also had a FF camera with me but at that moment it had a ultrawide zoom on, and I had no chance to change it fast enough).

Which tools could improve the image? (sharpness, noise, etc)


Great capture!

I would process the raw file with DxOPL Prime or Deep Prime if you have it . . . I have C1 so I would then open in C1 and do further minor editing . . . lift some shadows a touch . . . adjust exposure black and white points . . . perhaps brighten slightly . . . then send to TOPAZ Sharpen AI for detail sharpening and possibly further noise suppression if needed.

The subjects sit slightly high in the image IMHO . . . a 16:9 crop maintaining the existing top line and removing from the bottom of the image may produce a slightly more pleasing result . . . something to play around with [you can easily play around with the image in your browser rolling down to approximate the 16:9 crop and see if you like].

Great image . . . nicely done!



Thank you Van Griff!

I've posted the RAW just above if you want to have a test.

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