Buying an E-M5III for hike travel, 12-60 Lumix, 12-60PL or 12-45 Oly?

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Buying an E-M5III for hike travel, 12-60 Lumix, 12-60PL or 12-45 Oly?

In Canada, the E-M5III body is currently discounted to $1200 + Tax, E-M5III + 12-45 is 1800 + tax.

I plan to use this camera for hike travel, and have been using a GM5+12-60 Lumix and Ricoh GR (or Panasonic ZS200 and GR) in combination. I will probably get rid of my Fuji X-T20 and potentially the ZS200).

High use case values for me:

- Weather sealing, compactness, weight, flexibility

- Features of the E-M5III over say the G95 - better stabilization, high res mode, hand hold at low shutter, composite mode, reasonably good video (good enough, better than the ZS200).

- I shoot mostly landscapes and now do a bit of video (probably 80/20%). Video can either be static, or walking. I use a mix of raw and jpg.

- 12-45 or 12-60 are likely to be enough for my uses. I will also travel with either the lumix 35-100 F4.5, or the 45-175 depending on load, and potentially the 20mm (for city use, this may also be replaced with the 15mm PL as this is more my FL). I tend to use the FOV equiv to 24 - 35mm, and 75-90mm.

- I do try and keep my base weight below ~6.5Kg or 15lb or so, with a peak design clip or fanny pack/bum bag/mirrorless mover 10 on my belt. I do a combination of overnights to 5-6 day trips and hike in both winter and summer. Therefore not looking for heavier bodies (e.g., G9 or E-M1II). I will likely take a ultrapod with me.

- I have a Pro-100 printer and plan to use that (13x19') or share to social sites. Happy with a micro 4/3 sensor.

My first thought is to keep and use my Lumix 12-60, however, I am looking to benefit from the base ISO noise improvement, DR, and potentially resolution of the newest sensors. I do like the rendering I see from both the Oly 12-45 and PL 12-60 lenses, and of course they do look sharper, but they are significantly more expensive!

Has anybody used both/all three and can comment on the differences and whether a purchase is likely to be worth it?

Also whether the stabilization of a dual IS (if I bought a Panasonic body and lens) is worth it over an Oly body with a Panasonic lens?

I have also considered Nikon Z50 (no IS, limited, heavy lenses) and X-T3 (heavy, bit weather sealed lenses, no IS).

Thanks in advance.

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