Screen on laptop vs desktop?

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Re: Screen on laptop vs desktop?

Shaikailash wrote:

I still cannot decide if to go with a laptop or a desktop. I'm aware with a good budget you can get excellent laptops that will work well for video and photo editing, but with a laptop you will anyway buy a larger external screen, so in a way it feels like you waste money by buying a very good 2000+€ laptop where part of the cost has been invested in a screen which will not be used much. What's your view on this?

I like to have my laptop screen below the external monitor, so I can use both screens. During a Zoom conference, I have a browser open on my monitor and the participant gallery on the laptop, so I can keep track of the meeting and read about items being discussed. When writing or programming, I have reference on one screen and editor on the other.

It's like the old days of side-by-side monitors, but takes less space on a desk.

Also, if you want a powerful laptop (and at least 15") you are likely sacrificing on weight and portability, so it kind of defeats the reasons to buy a laptop in the first place....?

Who goes anywhere?

A 17" laptop gives you the flexibility to move it around the house, while also providing a usable screen for stationary work. If you are able to travel, buy an iPad or use your phone.

Deskside computers are cheaper and easier to maintain, but absolutely inflexible, and unnecessary in most cases.

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