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Pstmstr wrote:

Groot wrote:

"Android fanboys".. OK , please explain to me how it is different gcam / google camera RAW?

Maybe I'm wrong , but as far as I know this feature already exists on Android phones for a while.

I couldn’t care less what the similarities are or not. I will say that I was thinking of trying a Pixel 5 just as I have other Android devices over the years but was underwhelmed with the devices. What I think is bs every time someone posts about an Apple feature those who have never used it it want to chime in about why they think Apple sucks. Apple is hardly ever first to market with most features but they tend to get it right when they do. Lots of great smartphones out these days and some have better features than others. It seems no one can discuss Apple features on this forum without someone feeling the need to run off at the keyboard gushing about what some other phone can do. Most of us will buy the phone that we want with our money. Some are opposed to any Apple product for any reason. Some can’t help themselves with their impulse to trash Apple every chance they get. Why can’t people just discuss their actual use of the feature brought up by the OP?

I somewhat agree with you.   
I do think that most iOS users are clueless about the market though.  That's why you see posts of people "announcing" new features while the rest of us are like "Yes, we know".

Personally, I did own few iPhones and still own an iPad and I sincerely hate (almost)everything about this company.  I will never own anything Apple again.  But that's me and it's not related to the subject.
Regarding this specific post,  I think it is a cool feature and it's nice that Apple has it too now.

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