How the R5 Lightens the load for Wildlife Trips (Africa)

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Re: How the R5 Lightens the load for Wildlife Trips (Africa)

Interesting discussion.. Right now I'm shooting the EF 100-400II and 500 f/4 II. For now I'll keep them with adapters, although I could consider trading in the 100-400 and get a 100-500.

But depending on new RF big whites, I might change my strategy. Something I'm thinking about is  the RF 35 1.8, RF 70-200 2.8 and (to be released) RF 400 2.8 with 1.4 and possibly 2x extender. Would allow me to more easily squeeze the last of out the available light of the day (or first light of the morning; I find myself being forced to slow pans a lot early morning, lol).

Should save me a considerable amount of weight too, if the weight of the EF 400 v3 is an indication.

First priority however is getting back..... when travel is allowed again (right now it's made very hard to so do), probably a Mara / Samburu trip on the horizon.

Some of my wildlife stuff:

And also:

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