My first M45 in several years.

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Re: My first M45 in several years.

DavidWright2010 wrote:

Saabster wrote:

My first M45 in many years.

WO Whitecat 51

Pentax K-1

ISO 400


Losmandy G-11 Gemini 1 Guided with MGEN 3

Two processing versions of the same shot

#1 Stacked in Sequator and Processed in PhotoShop

#2 Stacked in Astro Pixel Processor and Processed in Photoshop

Not sure which one I like better.

But I do know I love the White Cat K-1 combo.

Stacked in Sequator

Stacked in Astro Pixel Processor

I like the first better, as it shows more nebulosity.

Do you consider yourself proficient in both Sequator and APP? In other words, is this a typical difference between the two workflows, or is it due to a greater proficiency with Sequator?

APP also shows bright stars as more bloated.

I like my combo of the ZenithStar51 and the K-1 - I showed my 'work in progress' on M45 in another thread.


Thank you.

In terms of the calibration through stacking, I am equally proficient in both. It's the post processing in Photoshop that gets me the differences.

With this shot, APP left me with a rough reddish gradient that I had trouble getting rid of. I did do some light processing in APP before switching to Photoshop. None with Sequator.  I should bring in the linearly stacked image from APP to Photoshop and see what I can get from it.

I also have Pixinsight which I will try later today. But I am very far from proficient with it.

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