Gripe with astrophotographers and creative license of Star shots.

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Re: Gripe with astrophotographers and creative license of Star shots.

Alen K wrote:

Saabster wrote:

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

2 ways.

One, the Milky Way would only be in that position in the sky of a particular latitude at a certain period of time in the year. If the image is posted at a certain date but the Milky Way is not even up at that time of year then you would know it was faked.

You can even narrow that down to a particular latitude and use a planetarium program to show where the Milky Way was at certain times.

For example northern hemi viewers don't see the whole Milky Way arch, that is southern hemi.

Secondly you could see light pollution and its effect on the Milky Way may not add up.

You aren't going to get a deep MW image from surburban sites. So if the landscape shows lots of light pollution yet the MW is deep and detailed its fake.

But that still leaves a large portion of time where it could be faked and be hard to tell.

Posters don't always say what time and date the image was taken. Its an assumption that a posted image was acquired in recent times.


I disagree that northern hemisphere viewers don't see the whole arch. I took this pano from Meteor Crater in AZ. it shows the whole arch.
Granted my framing was off by not having the camera vertical to get high enough. but still got the whole thing.

Nice shot. I see you got the buildings and parking lot in the shot. It's a cool place to visit. Too bad you couldn't get a shot from the crater rim but I'm sure they wouldn't allow that since it would have to happen way past closing time.

It was shot from the rim of the crater well after closing time. It was a special group visit that happens once a year. My only regret is that we couldn't shoot when the MW was over the rear side of the crater away from the visitor center.

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