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Re: D850 to ... Z7 - what improved (that mattered)?

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I love my D850, and several DSLRs before that. I'm mildly curious about mirrorless, but only if a mirrorless camera solves a problem I have with the D850. So far I see the D850 as generally superior in autofocus, battery life, and turn-on speed. THe Z7 seems like it must be better for video autofocus, but (perhaps because of poor video autofocus) I don't shoot video.

If you went from a D850 to a Z7, what do you see as for-sure improvements? And any drawbacks?

I had the D850 and more recently had a Z6 and still have a Z50. Shooting in Live View with the D850 is a chore. Autofocus is slow. With the Z6 and Z50 it's amazing. Lately I have found that I like to shoot in Live View since I often have my motorcycle helmet on and want to stop and take a photo on the side of the road and don't want to have to take my helmet off. I can shoot in Live View with the Z6 or Z50 and it works well, in fact, I can shoot a photo with the Z50 by touching the LCD screen! That is the most significant improvement for me. I sold the D850 early this year and won't buy another one (I would consider the D780 since it too has the ability to focus well in Live View).

Unless I am misunderstanding what you are saying, the D850 is perfectly capable of taking a picture by touching the rear screen:


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