Amazon shipping $700 lenses in padded envelopes...

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Amazon shipping $700 lenses in padded envelopes...

So this isn't really anything too new under the sun, I've seen similar reports and had similar experiences before with poor packaging choices by Amazon.

Still perhaps informative for others and maybe a story somewhere between sad and amusing.  And a gentle reminder that Amazon not surprisingly is not really at all the same in common sense and best practices as actual photography retailers.

Amazon shipped me a $700 lens (Nikon Z 35S/1.8) in just a padded envelope. This seems patently ridiculous and I can't imagine any sensible algorithm at Amazon deciding it makes sense to send $700 electronics and optics in padded envelopes.  While shock may be mitigated by the manufacturer packaging to a degree this just seems an invitation to crush and tear damage to the manufacturer packaging which is going to result in a likely return and loss to Amazon if nothing else.

Now Nikon does of course provide a lot of protection inside their own box for the lens so in theory this might not be so bad for the actual lens.  Still, in this case the lens when tested definitely had an issue as a good chuck of the lower left corner was always softer than the rest of the image.  No way to tell if that was just manufacturing issues or actually had anything to do with the lens being tossed around in shipping.  The padded envelope was torn around one corner of the box inside it so clearly it got some roughish handling along the way.

So given their good return policy combined with their stupid packaging choice I ordered a replacement.  And, of course, the replacement also came in just a padded envelope.  Well, at least they are consistent!

Fortunately the second lens tests fine.

Anyway, since it is essentially impossible to provide packaging feedback to Amazon in any meaningful way and this is an Amazon owned website specifically about photography I figured maybe posting here was as good as anything...

(Oh, and FWIW, the 35/1.8S is an astoundingly good prime as long as it hasn't had the stuffing knocked out of it!)

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