Can someone explain lens cast by aperture to me

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Re: Can someone explain lens cast by aperture to me

I will have to re read the post, but I think I am getting it. ItMs a great idea to inspect the channels, and is readily seen in the shots. I will do that with RawTherapee as I want to understand it more intuitively.

The light source was 100% ambient or indirect except the tree and the close by trunk, but it was about 30 seconds from getting fully dark. So the direct light was as weak as it gets without clouds.

I will also go and observe the mosaic, undeveloped RAW. This will give me an intuition.

I will be paying more attention to this effect. It really can be very dramatic under some circumstances, and it is seldom discussed or observed by anyone. 
Could a lens be optimized in such a way that it has an opposite effect? (Colder wide open)

I may owe you $5000 in free consulting already for all the easy scientific explanations across topics, and I am very grateful for your time and participation in this forum.

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