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Re: D850 to ... Z7 - what improved (that mattered)?

Michael did a pretty solid job of exposing the various pros and cons. I totally agree, re: I carry an extra battery for every body I shoot, so the Z is no different. Also, boot up time has proved to be a non issue. YMMV I guess but I just haven’t found myself needing it to be faster.

I think whatever you choose, you have to be aware moving to the Z system will mean an initial growing pain period. EVF felt initially grotesque to me, but after months of shooting EVF only, and going back to OVF intermittently, the OVF seems dull and sluggish now.

AF on the Z behaves differently and therefore needs to be treated differently to get in the neighborhood of what you’ve grown accustomed to. I watched the Ricci Talks AF vid, skimmed it at 1.5x and picked up some tips that were helpful, but the true game changer came in watching the Monochrome Memoirs Z6 AF video where he shows his custom button layout. I will say I might have a few more misses per shoot than I had with my D810, but my hits are overall better and more sharp, despite the res reduction. I’ve said elsewhere the combination Z autofocus and glass quality puts my Z6 & kit lens head and shoulder with my D810 & Sigma ART 50 in detail and sharpness.

Video. This is a huge difference. As you hint at here, your dislike may be due to poor tools. That’s been my experience. The Z and Atomos setup has blown open creative doors for me that hadn’t existed before, and motion feels like the logical extension of what I’ve enjoyed as a stills shooter for over a decade. It’s fluid, responsive, beautiful looking. I’m not entirely sure how video on the Z7 compares to the Z6, which I feel is the “video centric” body, but it will be worlds ahead of the D850.

Lastly, I hope you and others don’t take offense from my comments. We’re all on the same team of wanting to see Nikon succeed and exist well into the future. I’m def not anti SLR and even less so anti Nikon, I just feel the ML systems are carrying a lot of the shooting experience forward for what I do, and the setbacks are relatively minor.

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