Autofocus Confusion with an M50

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Re: Autofocus Confusion with an M50

axlotl wrote:

Klavierspielender wrote:

Hi folks

as a hobby photographer and being relatively new to the Canon M system I am a little bit confused about the auto focus methods.

Is there a way to have Face/Eye-Detection at Spot AF mode on the M50 ? Or tracking mode without AF-roulette in the beginning (for example, initial Spot AF for setting tracking object like my GRII does)?

If not, is there any Canon M body which is able to do this? Or even the EOS RP?

Either I do not understand the camera systems logic or Canon has artificially dulled the functions.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi, The M50 has face detect but not eye detect.

In AF Method set Face detect+Tracking.

Touch the screen to tell the camera where you want it to start tracking. Works with monitor view or EVF view.


Brilliant! Exactly what my really old GR is capable of and I missed with the M50. A pity, that Canon crippled obviously the M50 in this regard ;(

They're really pushing the customer to their R System. But it will never be as compact as the M-System..

Would love an M6 mark II with build in EVF like M50/M5. Or a massive firmware update for the M50 with all these "pro" features.

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