Best place to promote my photographs

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Re: Best place to promote my photographs

Michael Fryd wrote:

ashleymorrison wrote:

Michael Fryd wrote:

Any suggestions on which magazines might be in the market for the OP's macro and wildlife photography?

I haven't seen the Petrus' photographs, so no.

However, if having his work published in a magazine is of interest, then I would suggest he goes to one of the major bookstores in his part of the world, like Barnes & Noble for example...

Any ideas on what magazines like that pay, and how many images he might be able to sell per month?

It’s most likely he won’t be able to sell any per month.  Ashley tends to post very general information that might be useful to people who already have very established careers with large portfolios, but won’t be very useful for people who have just decided they want to want to start making money.  Magazines that pay useful money (if any these days) aren’t likely going to respond to people with “wildlife” images, since those are in great supply (check stock sites).

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