Super Telephoto IS Mode 1 vs Mode 3

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Re: Super Telephoto IS Mode 1 vs Mode 3

Duckman21 wrote:

I'm curious to know whether Canon's Mode 1 has panning detection built in or not. I've heard some lenses have "panning detection" built into mode 1 especially if there are no other modes. On my Tamron 150-600mm G2 I've had shots ruined by motion blur/viewfinder lag because a bird flies and I forget to flick the switch to Mode 2/turn off stabilization. I don't think Tamron's Mode 3 has panning detection built in either - it's a bit better than Mode 1 but only if you take 2-3 shots.

well, you know, i have hardly seen any noticeably difference between them. in fact, i have been using Mode1 all along and nothing has change. like i have said before, i could careless if IS is there or not! it maybe helpful but i haven't noticed it. and this is why i am making this statement: i am using a canon 24-70 f2.8 II and used to use a canon 400 f5.6 in the past--neither one has IS i have never let that bother me. i have taken perfectly sharp shots with my 400 f5.6 lens down to 1/60sec with it.

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