Upgrade from Af-s 12-24 f/4? UWA opinions

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Re: Upgrade from Af-s 12-24 f/4? UWA opinions

To be honest, the 12-24 f4 is probably the best wide angle for DX. I am suspicious about why your lens doesn't appear to be sharp, it may be worth going through the auto lens calibration process on your D7500 to see if it can be improved, or to identify any fault in the lens.

I have got the new version of the tokina 11-16 f2.8 and that is a stellar wideangle, but range is limited, the new 11-20 would be a good option for more range.
Those two Tokinas appear to be the best third party options for DX at the moment, plus the older tokina 12-24 f4 is rated highly by a lot of people.
But I really would thoroughly check out your current nikon lens first, it is rated highly and even performs really well on an FX camera body in the 17-24 range.

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