Can someone explain lens cast by aperture to me

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Re: Can someone explain lens cast by aperture to me

ProfHankD wrote:

fferreres wrote:

This is something I've seen Hank and other discuss. I considered an oddity and made some guesses, things that would be subtle, and hardly distinguishable. Then one day, this...same scene, same time, same light, same angle, same lens....same ... white balance:

Stopped down


First off, the stopped down one generally has the colors closer to right... although many of us might actually prefer the warmer rendering, it's basically missing blue. You'll also note that contrast tends to increase when you stop down.

Index of refraction of most materials is a function of the wavelength of the light. Blue rays are deflected more than green or red ones, so getting the red and green marginal rays to the point of focus tends to imply that the blue ones miss their target. I like to think of it as some rays being sent outside the diameter of the glass, and thus being lost rather than collected back in by subsequent element of the lens. It's not uncommon to see a blue fringe around the image circle of a lens, and this might be why. Of course, some of the misdirected blue might also end-up as blue haze in the image.

Stopping down also cuts out the green and red marginal rays, so things get better balanced.

Hank, thanks. You had noticed and mentioned this before. Do you have any example like you have for CA from the vivitar?

It is clearly visible the shift is very strong here, to not affect the cast a bit, but to make an entirely different shot. This is not just a warmer tone wide open. The closed down shot is NOT what I had perceived. It was very red light indeed.

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