Best lens for D800??

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Re: Best lens for D800??

T O Shooter wrote:

What's a low price?

Do you have any photography experience?

What's your budget for lenses?

As a start

EDIT: Seems like this is a slow process for you. You asked for help in the Olympus forum 5 months ago with your only other post here on DPR. You also didn't reply to anyone's reply, so it'll be hard to help someone who does not reply.

I think Wilberforce and others have given you some good information.  If the 12-50 Olympus covered the focal lengths you need, then in D800 format you would be looking for something in the range of 24-100 (I know nothing about m 4/3; Googled it so confirm) I'd suggest you look at the EXIF information of the images you previously shot for focal length shot at, and if your situation has remained the same, you have a good starting point for what you need.

I'm guessing? that m 4/3 is worse, worse being a relative term, than Dx for DOF, so you may not want or need the expensive of f 1.4 lenses. Wide open, they will give a very shallow depth of in focus on 35mm format. No point in wasting your budget on something not required. If it turns out that you shoot a lot around 25mm in m 4/3, a 50 1.8G Nikon is likely one of the cheapest lenses you can buy, so easy on the budget.  If you need something longer, a 70-200 2.8 Nikkor might make a good addition. I like the flexibility of zooms, so I'll recommend zooms.

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