Recent post, controlling camera off computer?

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Re: Recent post, controlling camera off computer?

I second the up vote on that product. I have been using it for more than 15 years and they keep making it better. Lots of options and great folks to work with.

Having said that:

There is another (More expensive: $349.99 - $438.95 ) option and that is the CAMRANGER 2 described here:

Wireless Tethering & Advanced Camera Control Wirelessly tether and control your camera from up to 500 ft away. The CamRanger 2 works with Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, and Sony cameras. Software / apps are available for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Mac & Windows computers. Visit:

Earlier model was only $200.  I do not know about the new model but saw an entry on the web site that the difference was from night to day (whatever that means).  It is a slick system.  The best feature that I can recall on the earlier model (and this one I presume) is that it includes its own power supply and does not have to be tethered to a laptop in order to power it.

Depending on your budge (and the fact that Christmas is coming) you should check it out anyway.  I often work a cost split with my wife - I pay 50% and she pays 50% out of our family funds.  This usually works for me!  LOL.

Good luck.

let us know what you decided.


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