Point and shoot that is worth buying over a modern smartphone

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Re: Point and shoot that is worth buying over a modern smartphone

I'm in a similar dilemma but in reverse. I own a Sony RX100m5, a Sony A7r2 and just placed an order today for an iphone 12pro (replacing an ailing iphone 7).

What advice can i offer you? Well, the RX100 series are amazing bits of kit for taking stills (and video, with caveats). The lenses are great, the AF (especially from mk5 onwards) is insane, as is burst rate etc. The image quality amazes me - to give you an example, I could barely tell the difference in IQ from images on the RX100 to a Canon EOS6D in low light. In saying that, it can take a bit of getting used to and getting your setup and presets right......but once you do its dynamite. Failing that, full auto works well.

I also bought the RX100 for its video capabilities.......but I'm finding that with anything other than scenes where I'm not moving much, i crave more stabilisation when shooting 4k. I bought a Zhiyun gimbal, but its a pain to attach and detach and so barely gets used. So, i'm hoping that the iphone 12pro may replace the RX100 (for photos and videos in daytime) and allow me to just have two devices for photos/videos (the A7R2 and iphone 12 pro).

Regards, Kris

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