A7Riv, or wait for the A7iv?

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Re: A7Riv, or wait for the A7iv?

AlephNull wrote:

Initially I thought you were wrong about the EVF in the A7R III being better than the A7R II, but you were right - the III has 3.7M dot instead of 2.4M dot. However the A7R IV takes that up to 5.7M dot - so that's an improvement you missed. It makes a big difference when focussing manually.
The IV also has slightly better battery life despite the large increase in pixel count. That's a bit of a surprise.

Another difference, for me, is that both SD slots in the A7R IV are UHS II.

But overall, yes, the big difference is the pixel count, and you need to experience it to realise the difference it makes.
BTW: it's always possible an A7 IV could have a 36 Mpixel sensor - Sony built the first 35mm 36 Mpixel sensor after all (albeit for Nikon!).

I'm also considering an upgrade from A7r2 to A7r4, mainly for the better AF performance. However, I hadn't thought about the difference that a better EVF could make for manual focusing.

I'm mainly interested in shooting landscapes and use manual focusing a lot. I found that when i switched from Canon (EOS 50D and then EOS 6D) there was better resolve of detail and less noise on the rear LCD with the Canon cameras than with the A7R2 - i was really surprised by this as the Canons were much older tech. So, i started using the EVF to manual focus on the A7r2 and also found it hard to determine the perfect manual focus point.

Compared side by side with a Fuji XT3 on an astro shoot in Jasper, the XT3 rear LCD was much less noisier and manual focussing seemed easier than my A7r2 with Batis 18mm lens.

Anyone able to comment on whether the A7R4 is indeed much easier to use for manual focus with the rear LCD screen and EVF compared to older A7R models?

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