EF 85mm f/1.2 II vs. EF 135mm f/2 for events

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Various options

I have the 135 f2 and love it. Very similar look with the 85 @f2 if your subject is framed the same, but 85mm will allow you to frame your subject approximately one metre closer than the 135 f2 would....however it distorts more too!

Tried the 85 F1.4LIS but it had issues with both my 5D mk3s at various apertures. I mostly shoot f5 up close to f2/1.4 from a distance. I'd really like a 105mm f2 in a perfect world.

For weddings and events where you can't control subjects distance from the background I'd recommend a 70-200.

Even an old Canon 85 f1.8 shot at f2.5 is a very good lens in open shade, but avoid harsh light if used wide open, as it has purple fringing on highlights.

I'd really recommend renting a few options to see what you like...

Other lenses to try are the 35mm F1.4 mk2...which never misses and is razor sharp wide open with great separation.

R5 + 50 f1.2 & 105 f1.8 RF lenses are my bucket list...one can dream 😊

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