Best lens for D800??

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Re: Best lens for D800??

ColleenOlympus wrote:

Thank you. Previously I have had a micro 4/3 camera - the Olympus OMD EM5 with the 12-50mm kit lens, but I found that I couldn't get the resolution I needed. So I was hoping that going from a 17mp to a 36mp camera would help resolve that a bit.
Do you recommend the 50mm over the 85mm? would that help with the depth of field at all or is that only the aperture that alters that?
Thanks again!

So I am wondering whether your issue is noise, not resolution. 17mp is not bad. I used 12mp for many years (Nikon D90) with no real sense that was too low resolution.

Your kit lens does not have a wide aperture, and the camera may be boosting the ISO, and thus getting a lot of noise. I guess we need to see a sample photo to see really what the problem is, along with the exposure parameters (shutter speed, ISO, aperture, focal length). A better solution may be to get a wide aperture prime lens for your OMD; you can probably judge best yourself what focal length you need.

Depth of field is a function of a lot of things, some of which have counteracting effects. For example longer focal length means shallower depth of field, but longer distance means greater depth of field. 50mm is a good starting point for full-body portraits using a full-frame camera.

An equivalent prime lens for your OMD MFT would be a 25mm f1.8. I suggest give that a try.

Sorry all of this does not have easy answers.

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