Best lens for D800??

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Re: Best lens for D800??

ColleenOlympus wrote:

Thank you for that explanation about distortion - that makes a lot of sense. I didn't think of there being the 2 types of distortion involved in what I was seeing as the problem. Also I didn't realise there was post production corrections that I could apply - so thank you for that I will try that out if I come across any issues with that.
In regards to perspective distortion, to stand back far enough for a full figure portrait - will the 50mm be ok to capture full detail? I'm really only a beginner so I'm sorry if this is a bit of a silly question!

Thanks again!

You should get fantastic detail with the 50mm on the D800 if your subject fills the frame and, most importantly, it is in focus. Remember, a full-frame camera, combined with a wide aperture lens, will have a very shallow depth of field. This means that parts of your subject that are only slightly closer or further than the focus point will be out of focus, if a wide aperture is used ( which is desirable for low light). Think carefully about whether you want a full-frame camera. This simply may be a case of trying it out to see if you get the results you expect.

What have you tried using so far? A smartphone camera is a starting point, for example, but is the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Something in between might be more suitable.

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