Using color gels

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Joe Wisenheimer
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Re: Using color gels

Pixelthinker wrote:

I want to explore using color gels in my photography. Looking online it seems most gel kits include barn doors. Paul Buff for example. I’d prefer to use gels with an umbrella or diffuser so the light fall off isn’t harsh.

What’s the reasoning behind using barn doors with gels?

Barn doors do what barn doors do - shape and flag light.

If you want to change the color, you add a gel.

Buff Light Mods offer a convenient way to add a barn door and / or a gel. Or as has been explained, C47 aka clothes pin a gel to standard 7" reflector.

Want to add an umbrella? Punch a hole in the gel. Still need a reflector or a way to put gel in front of light source.

And lots cheaper to buy like this or this is so you can cut and shape as needed. Not cheap to waste money on no name junk,  buy Lee or Rosco

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