Lightroom noise reduction or...?

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Re: Lightroom noise reduction or...?

Adobe has great noise reduction, but it does require that you spend a bit of time learning how to use it.  There's a lot of potential in those four sliders.  Matt Kloskowski's YouTube channel is a great resource.  I tried the new Topaz AI denoise, but I was getting some funky artifacts.  That said, I think any tool requires time and learning.  I just have not found anything that's worth paying for beyond the Lightroom tool.

I recently tried an experiment printing two versions of two separate images.  Both were ISO 12,800 on a Nikon D780.  Each image had a straight version (no noise reduction) and then a noise controlled version.  There were slight differences, but I really had to look.  I can clearly see the noise differences on-screen, but the prints were nearly identical.

There's so many things that go into how much to reduce noise, including print size, viewing distance, and of course personal preference.  When reducing noise in Lightroom, one key is to use the masking slider (last one one in the pane) to protect areas that really should not be sharpened.  You'll also get better results with RAW files, but how much that matters depends on your camera and how clean you need the image.

Best wishes in your search.

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