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Re: M10R

Just do it!  I went from an M10-P to the M10-R and I'm loving the new camera.  As far as noise it's as good as my Nikon D5's if not better.  I don't think twice about shooting it at 6400.

The dynamic range seems pretty good to me and I'm happy with what I'm seeing.  One thing I have noticed is the M10-R does not seem to underexpose the shadows as much as the M10-P when you have a decent source of stray light.  An example of this is shooting inside an open  stadium during the day with about one third the sky in the photo.  Or shooting inside a room with a window in the background. To me it seemed the M10-P would underexpose the shadows way to much.  The M10-R seems a little more controllable.  This is just my opinion and I don't have any info to back that up but the photos do seem a little different. Which I like better.

Really happy with the M10-R and also appreciate the extra resolution for cropping.

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