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Re: About crop sensors

ecka84 wrote:

nayyyyyyy7 wrote:

Ok, I will try to explain this more clearly.

Crop lenses, 16 f2.8 for example, will have the same light transmission as a full frame 16 2.8. The LENS itself has the aperture opening of a radius of 16/2.8, which is around 5.7mm.

Now because of physics, the wider the lens, the deeper the depth of field. You should know this. So crop lenses have GREATER depth of field because you are taking a 16mm DOF and putting it into a 24mm focal length, instead of a 24mm DOF in 24mm FL on full frame.

So the greater depth of field is actually BETTER for landscapes.

So please, OP has made up their mind so you don't fanboys and fangirls can stop screaming SONY SONY SONY. We get it. Please.

When you are building a house and picking window sizes, you are not thinking like - "oh, the size doesn't matter, because the light transmission will be the same for whatever window size anyways, so let's just drill a hole in the wall ..." - are you? That's a stupid logic. The amount of light is what you should care about, not the "transmission". Cameras work the same way. Sensor size matters.

Equivalence makes all things the same. Stop denying facts. FF is superior, specially for landscape photography.

Well, the light coming through the hole will be the same intensity as the light coming through a window. So you just helped prove that light transmission is still the same after all

Since crop sensors take up less space (for example the size of that hole) they only need the amount of light coming through that hole. So...

Lmao and just saying FF is superior without anything else is just... well... arrogant.

Sometimes, size doesn't matter that much

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