Got my Nisi filter holder for Nikkor Z 1424s

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Re: Got my Nisi filter holder for Nikkor Z 1424s

Ernie Misner wrote:

fishguy wrote:

Looks great. I just got some ND filters for my Nisi holder to be used on my 14-30. Looks like a fantastic lens, but I'll have to stick to my 14-30 for a while.

Any recommendations on calculating long exposures? I know there are a few apps out there but any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated. I bout a kit of several NDs up to 10 stop.

As with any ND filter, it's easy to get a starting point exposure simply by raising the ISO, opening the aperture/and/or increasing shutter speed until your light meter lines up for a relatively short exposure up to 30 seconds. Then for really long exposures count the number of clicks as you lower the ISO, stop down, etc., then add that much more exposure as you increase the length of the shutter speed.

The Z6II and Z7II will make that easier as longer than 30 second shutter speeds are now available. So just go right to your lower ISO and increase the shutter speed until you see the light meter starting to line up. That will give you a decent starting point and you can fine tune after the test shot and checking the histogram.



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