Sony, Canon or Nikon FF MILC?

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Re: Sony, Canon or Nikon FF MILC?

I shoot Nikon now, and I'm very happy as a Nikon shooter. I'm not worried about their future as a company, and I believe that we'll see 3rd Party lens development for the Z mount in the future. Given that, I believe that Canon is a stronger company right now, their lens lineup is a little fuller, and we can expect that they will continue to put out good stuff in the future.

In terms of Image Quality, I went with Nikon because I was certain that the IQ I could get at the price point I could afford was the best available. Nikon has a reputation as having the best in colour and the Z mount bodies tend to continue that trend. The quality of Nikon Z mount glass is also top notch, and while the variety isn't necessarily there yet, they will continue to develop and grow their lens line, and their lenses will continue the trend of being some of the best in the business.

If I could afford the Z7II and the 'trinity' lenses, I would choose that setup over the R5 and it's lenses. I recognize that for many the body of the R5 and the autofocus is better, but in the end the images are what matters to me.

Given also that the Z5 currently doesn't really have a competitor from Canon, I would also not hesitate to recommend the Z5 and a the 24-200 for an all-in-one mirrorless setup over the RP or A7ii or A7c.

But remember, I'm biased because I shoot Nikon and don't have experience with Canon, so there's that.


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