The new Leica Q mono and Sony.

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Re: The new Leica Q mono and Sony.

I think "shooting from a hip" style significance in street photography is overrated outside of the actual street photogs community. In fact there are no well recognized artist in the genre who used it. Vivien Mayer comes to thinking as the only exception and her status as an artist is still questionable - she didn't print her images or saw one printed. Also she didn't just blindly shoot, she used a TLRs waist level finder so it's only about perspective view "from a hip". "I never shoot without using the viewfinder" (Garry Winogrand). You are not capturing a scene without seeing it.

Looking at what passionate people use at street shooting gatherings you'll find just about anything. DSLRs, old and beaten P&Ss, not that many rangefinders, etc. Mostly smaller staff though.

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