Which first and ultimate Leica for an average guy?

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Which first and ultimate Leica for an average guy?

Hi everyone!

I'm a hobby photographer since 10 years more or less, have done some weddings, reportage, I actually love to shoot street photography (humanist like) and everyday life beauty.

I actually own a fujifilm XT 30 with several (great lenses). The truth is that I'm not just a photo lover, i'm a camera lover. I've shoot several film cameras, i love the relationship with my camera when i go outside, it shouldn't be but for me the camera is more than just a tool.

Since the beginning i'm dreaming, i think like a lot of photographers, about having a leica. There is something magic (not rationnal i guess) about this brand. The point is that, like a lot of people, you can't buy a leica everyday... It's expensive, i've never been able to buy one yet, but it has still been a private dream.

The point is that, in some months, one of the greatest thing will happen in my life...i'll become a father, and i was thinking that it woud be the perfect moment to buy a leica, to capture those wonderful futur moments! I'm still a lot hesitating, i'm happy with my fuji system and was about to buy an x100V that has all I need, except this intimate fire of desire that lives in my heart. I know that i'm on the leica section and that you'll have a partial opinion about what i should do but well, I'm looking for The camera of my dream, the one that will satisfy each of my photographic fantasis.

For me, a great camera is the one you can carry everywhere. I'm looking for one that can be used in most situations, according to my kind of photo: everyday life/street/reportage. I've seen several options and i would like some advice

1-Leica Q: this thing has everything i need except weather sealing that would prevent me to carry it everywhere i want, for real. I love leica optics, this option allows me to have the "feeling" of a leica m body with a wonderful optics. But I'm stuck with 28mm (maybe 35mm with crop mode).

2-Leica SL but can't afford leica optics so i'll probably go with voigtlander optics. Weather sealed, it's great, but a different system/a different feel?

3-I sell everything from my fuji system and buy a leica q2. Has everything that the Leica Q can't offer.

4-Other options?

5-Stop everything and go with a x100v

Thank you very much !!!

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