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Re: PEN F vs. OMD-EM10 IV

ecovilks wrote:

cba_melbourne wrote:

ecovilks wrote:

the very unique styling / sexy looks

Styling is not unique it is retro film rangefinder style and why would anyone be sexually attracted to a camera is beyond me

It’s a good camera not gift from God

The OP is into street photography. The Pen-F is often confused with an old film camera. The looks somehow have an appeasing effect on its close-up victims. If anything it attracts interest, not aversion at being shot at. That is an advantage not to be underestimated.

And... I find the term sexy nails pretty well what I mean.

But if you prefer, let's just say it does not look like a cold surgical tool used by a pro working for money. It shows that it's owner is a human with emotions, and that creates sympathy. It's like if you smile at someone when asking a question, you likely get a better answer. I have been asked "what camera is that?". That will never happen with an EM10.

I shoot both Leica and Olympus film and digital and using the Pen F is nothing like using a rangefinder digital or film. My old film OM1 is a lot more elegant to shoot with than the Pen F of all the cameras it is probably the clumsiest, nowhere near the Leica Q or M9. Despite that it is fun to use.

ps the term sexy in reference to a object is an old school sexist ideology, most of us have moved on from that terminology

I shoot with Leica, Voigtlander and Konica film rangefinders - and IMO, the PEN-F is the closest digital camera to all of them in terms of looks, operation and feel.

Possibly because I tape over the "OLYMPUS PEN" on my black camera, or its exotic looks (or both), it's the only camera I use that consistently gets "Nice camera. Is that a Leica?"

In fact, more often than when I use my M3.

Go figure.

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