D5xxx series: The end is nigh?

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The Other Perspective...

I recently bought the Z50, already have done several shoots with it.

From my perspective, it blows the D5600 away.  I can't think of any one reason why I would use my D5600 over my Z50.  Not one.  Faster AF, kit lens is better than the D5600 kit lens, smaller and lighter, much better video (extremely important for what I do...the quiet full-time AF in the Z50 is a deal-breaker all by itself), slightly better noise reduction (maybe about half a stop better or so).  There are other advantages as well.

The Z50 compares favorably to the D7200/7500 (I have these cameras as well so my opinion is based on my actual experience),  There are definitely things you lose with the Z50 so I wouldn't retire those D7200s/7500s just yet...especially the ability to use AF-D lenses and still have them autofocus (that is huge for me).  Still, the Z50 will be used in alot of spots where I would have reached for the D7200/D7500 before.

Don't ignore the kit lenses with the Z50.  While I would hope Nikon comes out with more Z DX lenses (soon, please) these kit lenses are very sharp and the AF is very fast and quiet.  Using live view for stills with the D5600/7200/7500 was disappointing and slow...with the Z50 it is lightning fast.  That alone makes it a better choice in so many situations for me.

For me, anything the Z50 lacks is either lacking in the other three cameras or they do them poorly so it isn't a big issue.

From my perspective, I would rather see Nikon spend no more R&D money on APS DSLRs and focus on expanding the APS mirrorless side (Z70? and Z30?).  I don't think Nikon ever had much commitment to good APS lenses (lack of good APS wide-angle and telephoto primes is an example), I would hope that they make more of a commitment now in the Z world.  The Z50 is actually a really nice camera but it does need more lens support.

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