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ChelseaPhotographer wrote:

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ChelseaPhotographer wrote:

ecka84 wrote:

Unfortunately, you and many others (including your suggested youtuber) are terrible at math. Because FF 24-105F4 is equivalent to APS-C 16-70F2.6. Not F4.

So, how big is and how much does the XF 16-55F2.8 weight? Same goes with XF 50-140F2.8, which is simply "destroyed" by the faster, smaller, better and cheaper FF 70-200F4.

Learn equivalence. Don't believe lies.

LOL, I'm loving your posts. It is so true. An f/2.8 lens in APS-C is slower than f/4 in full-frame... And when you compare, say a Fuji X-T4 with a 16-55 f/2.8 with a Sony A7RIII and the Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 they are almost the same size, and obviously the Sony destroys the Fuji in every way (except colors!) ;p

I'm glad you're loving how wrong he is. The type of photography matters. A lot.

The OP uses 17-40 f4 on FF. That's 84x97mm, 475g

The landscape equivalent on fuji is the 10-24 f4 which is 78x87mm, 410g.

These are actually pretty close in size, though the fuji is still smaller and lighter and it has OIS to boot. This will allow the OP to actually shoot in darker conditions handheld.

So for *landscape*, the lenses are smaller!

I think you will find that the one who is incorrect is you. An f/4 APS-C lens is equivalent to f/6.1 in full frame.

Depends what you mean by equivalent. One can argue that they can never be equivalent due to different perspective, but I digress.

So the FF 17-40 is more than 1 f-stop brighter than the Fuji.

Nope. They are exactly as bright in the same area of the sensor. The only difference is that the FF has *more* light, but this light exposes a *different* part of the sensor and therefore it is not any more brighter at the individual pixel. Therefore, your exposure will be exactly the same at the same fstop. Try it. I would love you to prove me wrong.

You are not really comparing apples to apples. And since the fuji lenses are a slower, you need longer shutter speeds...

No, you don't need longer shutter speed. Exactly the same intensity of light hits the individual sensor pixels.

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