Tip: Enabling both focus peaking + exposure zebras

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Re: Z 6II test

I understand and indicated that this has been fixed in the Z6 II as I have one already and it works so much better than the Z6. I still wish they had exposure waveform available as one of the display screen options instead of just histogram in the window.

What I was replaying to was the original thread which stated;

"The workaround I discovered is to first disable focus peaking, then turn on exposure zebras, then enable focus peaking. In other words, the camera prevents you from enabling zebras if peaking is enabled but Nikon forgot to disable the alternate case of preventing you from enabling focus peaking if zebras are enabled (assuming they really want to prevent both from being used simultaneously, otherwise it's a bug that's disallowing the enabling of zebras when peaking is enabled)."

Which was for the Z6 which I have as well.

This hack no longer works as Nikon have through obviously firmware updates (latest 3.12) have disabled the backwards way of doing it. You can only get one or the other.

One advantage of the Z6 II for video shooters.

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