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Re: Disqualified Challenge Entry

New Day Rising wrote:

vinnieb50 wrote:

Hi, I would just add - and really this is no way getting at you but it is ironic that I read and complied with the full rules: and the rule I "broke" wasn't listed there.



The introduction/description forms part of the rules.

You didn't exclude humans from the shot.

That's the theme. If an image doesn't comply with the theme it has no business being entered in a challenge. It's just a waste of time on the host's part, and just shows disrespect from the putative entrant.

@vinnieb50 why did you enter an image which did not comply with the theme of the challenge?

If an image doesn't comply with one of the other rules, that's a different matter. For me any other rules are more about administration of the challenge, and delivery of the image. The theme is the one thing an image absolutely must comply with to be a valid entry.

Sometimes themes are less clear, and sometimes a matter of opinion. Sometimes they're mathematically provable. Most of mine are mathematically provable, it still doesn't stop images being entered which can be proven not to qualify.

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