Epson Artisan 1430 / 1500W Stopped printing Black

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Re: Epson Artisan 1430 / 1500W Stopped printing Black

Well, after a week of struggling I finally got the printer working again. Here is what I did as it may help someone with a similar problem. Dismantling Epson printers is not for the faint-hearted. But I had nothing to lose. It was not cost effective to send it to a repair shop. It was a case of fixing it, or dumping it and buying a new printer.

1- I removed the print head with the help of this video.

I inspected the head for any signs of damage or dried ink. I came to the conclusion there was nothing wrong with the print head. In the meantime, I gently flushed the 6 colours with Windex to prevent any ink from drying inside. The Windex moved freely indicating there were no blockages inside. (Warning its very easy to damage the print head by flushing the nozzles with too much pressure. Only very gentle pressure is needed. About 30-50% air should be in the syringe to cushion the pressure).

2- I tested for leaks in the cleaning station by using a syringe to back flush Windex from the waste ink tube to the cleaning pad. I could tell that the solution was leaking somewhere. I dismantled the printer with the help of some YouTube videos. The service manual was helpful. I removed the rear, front and side plastic panels, also the lower base panel. It was the first time I did this so it took me quite a while. Taking pictures and labelling was helpful. I found out what the problem was by inspecting the cleaning station from underneath. I did not actually need to remove the cleaning station.

The problem was that 2 tubes had split and become detached from underneath the cleaning station. I snipped a little bit off the end and reattached them. You can see the tubes in the picture with the printer upside down and looking from underneath the cleaning station.

View from underneath the cleaning station.

Damaged cracked tubes. connecting the cleaning pad to the cleaning station.

I learned the hard way that unless you really need to remove the cleaning pad part, its best to leave it alone in there. Its very fiddly to put back in with that little spring. A plastic part broke off the cleaning pad and I had to improvise by heating a pin with a flame and pressing it into the plastic, then trimming to the correct size. Tip: when replacing the little spring suspend it with a cotton thread so you can fish it out if it falls inside.

Cleaning pad showing the little spring and the repaired part (painted over in Red)

After that I reassembled the printer and did a test. I got an error message because I had forgotten to reattach one of the sensor plugs. I reattached the plug and tried again. Then another error message said the paper output cover was closed. It turned out that the black sensor plug inside the button panel was making a bad connection, So I fixed that.

Then the printer behaved itself. After a couple of cleaning cycles all the black nozzles were firing again.

So the $64M question is why with a defective cleaning station were all the other colours working properly but black had stopped. My guess is that the tubes had been detached for a long time. All the colours were working fine because there was no air in the system and they didn't need a cleaning cycle. But somehow air got into the black nozzles and without the cleaning station working there was no way to get rid of the air.

I hope this information will be helpful to someone with a similar problem.

Kind regards


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