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Valdai21 wrote:

It's true that Fuji's files are a bit special. You should learn how to post process them. However they are a lot of landscapes photographers with Fuji gear. Fuji's accentuation can look a bit weird but only if you view your pictures at 100% crop. Otherwise they just render like anything else.

Fuji's last generation X-Trans cameras seems to manage these rare artefacts better. I think the strenght of this brand is not the sensor (even if I personaly like it) but the lenses. They are overall very sharp and consistent from edge to edge. I got used to that and didn't realize it until I bought other brands...

From my opinion Sony sensor may be better for you but you won't get the best of that sensor with Samyang lenses.

I haven't seen any working X-Trans processing techniques that would eliminate 100% of the problems. It's the nature of the beast and we have to live with it. As far as I know, the best landscape photographers are not shooting Fuji X-Trans. But then they are not shooting Medium Format as well, which technically is a better camera format. My explanation for this is that Fuji X system is an unnecessary compromise that costs even more than FF. And that FF systems offer the optimal camera format for now.

If I had to suggest the best and smallest crop camera for landscapes, that would be the Canon M6 Mark II.

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