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Re: S95 - RX100 - now?

Hemuli wrote:

I have owned in the past several DSLRs but never really liked to carry them around.

When Canon S95 was published I got excited and bought it. It was so easy to carry always with me, was a delight to use. And yes - I took some very nice photos with it.

After some years my son dropped it. RX100 was just announced and I then bought it as a replacement. Well - I have snapped some great quality photos with it. But - it has never been as fun to use as S95 was. And especially the skin tones lack something compared to Canon colours.

I have used RX100 less and less over the years do to this and one day I thought maybe I sell it away and buy something else.

What would be your recommendation? Criteria:

- truly pocketable camera (preferably maximum the same size as RX100 mark I)

- Colour tone like S95

- Preferably a lot control over settings

- 1 inch sensor

Would it be G9x mark ii? But it looks more like a phone than camera in terms of controls. Then again, G7 and G5 are bigger... Or some Panasonic?

I am also ok to go with some older used cameras.

Thanks in advance!

I don't really think there is an actual pocket camera currently made other than, maybe, the Ricoh GR series cameras (not 100% sure about them because I've never owned one)

Everything else that's decent is either too heavy to be carried comfortably in a pocket, a little too big, or has an automatic lens cover that will be damaged if it's carried in a pocket.

The S90 and S95 were great little cameras but I can't think of anything like them that's made today.

I have a Sony RX100V and the image quality is excellent but it's not a pocket camera, no matter what anyone might say.

The first thing I was told after buying it was that it needed to be carried in a pouch or case because carrying it in a pocket would damage the lens cover.

Almost defeats the purpose of having such a small camera.

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