From Canon 6D to mirrorless

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Re: From Canon 6D to mirrorless

Bolothegreat wrote:

So exactly what small & lightweight FF system are you guys suggesting for him?? 🤔

From reading his requirements, apsc makes the most sense for him & he has the option of buying zooms later on without compromising too much on weight.

He says he doesn't need the full frame advantages like shallow dof or Sony's extreme AF etc

There's a bit of misinformation & contradictions being provided in the above posts.

APS-C makes no sense at all. Equivalent crop zooms are not any smaller nor lighter than FF zooms. This is what the anti-FF propaganda does to people. They believe things, religiously, without checking if they are true or not.

FF advantages are not the shallow DoF or AF. It's the extra stop of light they can gather because of the more than twice larger sensor (2.35 times larger). More light makes higher image quality. Not more DoF or retro looks.

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