A6600? Good camera to start with E-mounts?

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22-Rimfire wrote:

Euell wrote:

Personally, I like the convenience and size of Sony's APSC line, even though the ergonomics are not great. It's something you get used to. For many purposes APSC quality is more than adequate and its portability is a big plus.

I agree with you 100%. Those two reasons are very important to many people. That is why I plan to stay with APS-C for a very long time. Good enough, is good enough, period.

I almost never reproduce my images beyond the computer screen. So, I don't think I will get the real benefit of a full frame high MP stuff currently.

A very good point you have here! Taking 40-60MP images makes absolutly no sense if you don't plan to do anything else with the images, or make money with them. I think you have figured out exactly why you don't need FF in that one simple statement.

I suspect I would notice a difference, but the difference is probably not worth the investment. If Sony dumps the A-mount entirely, I may change my view. I'm probably better off concentrating on just improving my picture taking in general within the APS-C line.

That would be the best decison you will ever make when it comes to photography. It is not the number of pixels, shallow DOF, lowest noise that makes a picture great, or the amount of money you spend on the system to take them with.

I wish more people considering switching from APS-C could figure out what you two have in this one post. Thanks for explaining it so concisely (and logically) for those who think they need FF cameras/lenses to take better pictures.

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