How do you do that Spotlight/Light Beam effect

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Re: How do you do that Spotlight/Light Beam effect

Ed Shapiro wrote:

elliotn wrote:

Ed Shapiro wrote:

I suspect it is a post-processing job. If an optical spot was used to illuminate the subject, it would not be as sharp around the edges on the background- unless she was almost touching the background.

She's clearly very close to the background. But even if she wasn't, why does that preclude getting a sharp edge on the background?

The shadow on the background indicates that the light was coming in at an off-camera angle of about 30- degrees- that would not cast a perfectly symmetrical circle on the background.

It seems to me that the light is only slightly above camera - maybe 5 or 10 degrees off the horizontal axis. That would give the kind of circle we are seeing.

Yes- this goes to my point of an artificial effect- there is the disunity of lighting- the light on the subject and the light on the background do not coincide.

Hmm, I don't understand what you mean by 'disunity of lighting'. Looking at the bottom right image, the shadow of the model's right hand is just below her hand, and the shadow of the model's chin is just below her chin. Both shadows suggest a light that is positioned just slightly above the camera position. Where is the disunity?

And then the shadows around her left hand appear to be formed by the light bouncing back off the illuminated background.

All of this seems consistent with the use of an optical spot.

I guess it could be a photoshop job... but it's quite complicated... why not just use a spot?

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